Typically three operators are required on the job site to run the process. The senior operator directs the onsite work and controls the lifting process.

Step 1

Before the raising process, a pattern of 1.5 inch holes are drilled through the sunken slab on your walkway, driveway or patio.

Step 2

During the raising process, a grout mixture is then pumped through these holes and under the sunken concrete. The grout mixture fills any voids under the slab and begins to put upward pressure on the slab. This upward pressure then slowly raises the sunken concrete to its original grade.

Step 3

After the raising process the 1.5″ holes are patched using a non-shrinking concrete mixture. The level surface is then cleaned with water and within hours your walkways and driveways are usable.

Personnel and Equipment used in the Process:

Concrete Lifting/Mudjacking requires specialized operators and equipment to complete jobs safely and efficiently. The specialized equipment includes:

  • Truck Mounted Raw Material Hoppers (Sand/Clay and Portland Cement)
  • Truck Mounted Raw Materials Conveyor System
  • Truck Mounted Paddle Mixer
  • Portable Grout Pump
  • Concrete Drills
  • Concrete Saws

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