All together I have spent 10 days in a row, more than 5 hours in the...

All together I have spent 10 days in a row, more than 5 hours in the kitchen every day. I rewared my self with an off-day today.

For dinner I made scrambled egg with parma ham, chopped upspicey sausages and a chopped salad with feta, salami and loads of other left-over goodies from the brunch. Topped of with parmesan over the eggs and sausages.

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It was an explotion of flavour and to be honest, I must say it was one delicious dinner and it was all me with everything I have learned so far about the focus on flavour. Feels like I am starting to understand more. A little boost of confidence!

BUT, my journey has only begun.. This week I am going to focus 2 days on cooking fish and have decided on two dishes.

Roasted Mackerel with garlic and paprika + Fish Pie. I'm also going to try out Scallops this week, something I've never tried before. And I have to do it before the event I have a feeling there will be sea-food of that sort. 🙂


In addition to that I am going to focus more on the basics that Gordon talks about in the book; which are:

Poaching Eggs ( yes, already tried this one.. but practice makes perfect )





Chicken Stock


Hollandaise Sauce


So I will squeeze in these basic cooking skills in the forthcomingweeks and share my experiences with it. The more I try out stuff, the more I understand and learn. Maybe you want to join me and share experiences?

Fun fact ; vinaigrette, is different variations of dressings and toppings on any type of food because you can create so many different variations, right? I always knew it existed, and I have searched in stores, online for recipes and tried out my own variation of it without any luck. I knew of it because I have tasted salads or other dishes that had this extra tingle to it. And as I started reading the book the puzzle came together and I finally had a name for it. I remember asking people for "French Dressing" and no one knew what I was talking about.. now I know; Vinaigrette !! Damn.. took me long enough.. (hehe)

Thank you so much for your time spent in here following me through this. I wonder though.. what has been your favorite dish so far?

Have a relaxin' day:)

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