Tanya stood in her wedding finery at the boutique.

Tanya stood in her wedding finery at the boutique. This was her 3rd dress trial in 2 months. Vicky was calling her confused which tie should he pick for the wedding. Vicky kept calling till she finally answered the phone.. "Oh god can't you like do one thing on your own. She yelled over the phone. I am yet to finalize my fittings. Ok fine tell me which colors.. And yeah your blazer is brown.. Yeah perfect copper would do.. Yes of course in silk. Vicky smiled wickedly. He knew this was the only one that matched his blazer description. Yet he had to call her.. He couldn't imagine his life without her.

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Vicky was a Vice President working with a leading multinational bank. An MBA from the countrys best business school, success was second nature to him. He was steadily climbing the ladders of success. He had a pretty girlfriend and a hefty bank account. His boss trusted him and his clients couldn't do without him. His days we're spent on phones and night partying with the who's who in his city. He was on the right side of 30 yet age didn't seem to have affected his charisma He was heading the credit department of his bank. He had a eye for risk. He could easily identify which client would default. He took risks that we're well calculated and thought upon. One day he received a call from the country head.

It was 11 in the night and he was partying at a leading five star in the downtown. In his partially inebriated state, he picked up the phone. He was being summoned for questioning by the police the next day in connection with a loan disbursement done earlier that month. He was shocked. He called up his friends and went home. Early next morning he reached the police station with the country manager. The company's finance manager had apparently forged the papers and had fled away with the amount. Not only this . the manager was also one of the key suspects of a terror attack that had killed 200 people in the city. He was shocked. How could he not see all this? His country executive was obviously upset over the fact that the bank's name was being dragged into this.

Vicky was asked not to report to work for some days. Vicky knew that some could mean a lot. He drove back home depressed. The same arrogance with which he worked could not let him accept the fact that it was his mistake. He went into severe depression leaving him partially paralyzed. It took years for Vicky to recover. He had lost his parents much earlier but his relatives and close friends helped him through. His girlfriend however left his side. Vicky felt lonely at times so he absorbed himself in charity. He continued work in the same bank, his loyalty was not easy to be ignored. In one of his visits at the home for orphans where he worked for, He met Tanya. She was as pretty as she looked now. Sparkling eyes and a cheerful smile. Vicky was mesmerized. He kept looking at her and she responded to him. He smiled and she smiled back. He winked and she crackled. He waved his hands and she waved her hands back. Vicky decided that she is the girl he wants to live with.

But then, getting Tanya was not easy. She was a 2 year old baby, one of the many orphaned children for adoption in the home. Adoption for single fathers was not a easy process. He had to tolerate several legal proceedings before his bundle of joy became his The moment, he took her in his arms, his life changed. This was 20 years back. He remembered each and every moment vividly. The first time she cried, the first time she said papa, the first time she went to school, the first time she came home and announced she had topped her class and now a couple of years back when she introduced the guy she is going to marry.

Vicky was independent in all respects, yet he depended on Tanya for everything. She was his daughter and his mother too. He called her even when he knew all the answers. At the blazer shop, he revisited all the moments he had spent with his darling daughter. She was going to leave him, albeit for a new life. Thinking about it, his eyes became moist. He was going to miss her terribly. He called her again. Tanya yelled, Papa, what now? Let me complete this please. She went on Vicky wasnt listening. He smiled and said Tanya, I just called to say I love you loads. Papa yelled a voice from behind. She came inside the shop and hugged him. She knew he could not complete his shopping without her. So she finished her work and came to the blazer shop, I love you too.

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