How You Can Defend Yourself From Being Robbed

After getting robbed several weeks ago I swore to myself that I would not let those horrible robbers come close to me once again. So I bought myself a defense spray. Before I can utilize it though I needed to learn the proper use of pepper spray first.

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Defense sprays are non deadly weapons designed to distract an offender momentarily by causing an excruciating burning feeling on the sprayed location. While the offender is busy alleviating the pain the victim could then escape and look for assistance.

Luckily there are practice sprays which can be utilized by men and women just like me who have no earlier experience in or enough understanding of handling a pepper spray. Water-based inert practice defensive sprays will assist you to become skilled at utilizing that as they utilize water pressurized with nitrogen rather than actual pepper spray.

However users ought to bear in mind not to spray these on any person even though they contain no harmful ingredients. Keep in mind that the nitrogen ingredient can still cause skin irritation or burning if sprayed into the eyes.

I first spotted these types of practice defense sprays from one cousin that had let a two oz. stream practice spray make him a lot more proficient in self defense spray usage. He bragged that he did not even have to use up the whole cylinder to become an expert.

My roommate arrived home one night having a 1/2 oz. stream practice spray plus a 1/2 oz. container of self defense spray. She mentioned the seller insisted that she obtain the two goods in order that she would not waste the actual self defense spray for practice spraying.

The instant I went to the same shop where she bought her own sprays the seller showed me a 2 oz. fogger practice spray. This appeared and felt the same as a pepper spray however was surely less harmful and a lot more convenient to use for practice.

Im really glad that I came across practice sprays. Now I will be able to study the proper use of pepper spray in a safe and cheaper manner.

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