Are You a Walking Criminal Target?

Are You a Walking Criminal Target?

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Have you ever had the uneasy feeling that you we're being followed? That's because you probably we're being followed.

Career criminals especially target travelers as the lowest hanging fruit for easy pickings. Hotel rooms can frequently become crime scenes because crooks know that's where they can find your valuables.

Enhance Your Security

If you're dressed in gaudy, or sexually revealing, or otherwise inappropriate attire for the locale, openly flaunting tats or piercings, talking too loud, drinking too much alcohol, doing drugs, or using offensive language, you're bound to get a lot of attention. But, not the kind you intended. This is an open invitation to peg you as a mark. You might as well just paint a bulls eye target on your back.

Most people are much more vulnerable outside their own home base. Unfortunately, many make little or no effort to protect themselves when they are away. Personal security, in any setting, begins with a seamless blending into your surroundings. Don't set yourself up to be singled out. As they say, go with the flow. In short, don't broadcast your presence.

Seven Safety Points to Remember


    1. Don't open your car door or roll down your windows for strangers.


    1. Keep your car doors locked at all times.


    1. Stay alert when you are out. Walk with a friend. Four eyes are better than two.


    1. Park only in well lit areas as close to shops and people as possible.

5.When at home keep your doors and windows locked whether you are at home or away.

    1. If someone knocks on your door, look through the peep hole and ask strangers for identification before you open it.

    1. Get to know your neighbors. Join a neighborhood watch program. Neighbors helping neighbors may well be your best and most immediate protection against crime.

    2. Crime Doesn't Take a Holiday or Vacation

Always be aware of your surroundings and the people around you. Stay alert and use your common sense if you feel uneasy or suspicious in certain circumstances. Alert authorities for their professional help or advice.

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