Concrete Lifting benefits over concrete replacement

  • Economical (mudjacking is a fraction of the cost of replacing cracked and uneven concrete surfaces)
  • Existing landscaping is not disturbed
  • No expensive concrete demolition or removal costs
  • The process takes hours, not days.
  • ¬†Driveways and walkways can be used the same day


No Obligation on site consultation and estimates

Quotations for Concrete Lifting or Mud Jacking are prepared based on the different areas to be repaired, the size of those areas, and the depth that the affected areas have sunk. When you request your quotation for your mudjacking, we will ask you a few questions about your particular situation along with your contact information and street address. From there, we will set up a time to meet which is convenient for you where you will be able to ask questions, and understand the solution for your particular challenge.

If Concrete Lifting is the right approach to solve your problem, a written quotation will be given at that time.

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